Rabaa Mwelhi


Rabaa is an English teacher in Hammam Lif High School and has been teaching in various schools around the country. including French and Turkish Schools. She has an MA in English literature and civilization and disserting her MA thesis in applied linguistics.
Added to that Rabaa is the Chief Club Coordinator with the association Tunisia88.
She is also the Secretary General of the association Artists Without Borders.
Rabaa is also an amateur musician who performed in many concerts with the band Awled Boo Makhlouf as singer and guitar player. She is working to get a degree in guitar and Arabic music.
She is a TEA alumna (Teaching Excellence and Achievement program)which gave her the opportunity to study various subjects in Bowling Green State University and to attend and teach lessons at U.S high school, She also has a e-learning certificate from the University of Oregon on PBL (Project Based Learning).

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