Hanene El Ghali

Project Management & Communication

Hanene El Ghali is an IVLP alumna. She world in public administration. She has an MA in Management and Marketing. She is a Change agent at the International Academy of Good Governance since 2017. She also hese degree in governance from Berlin and Karlshroe Executive School Training and the National School of Public Administration of Quebec on the evaluation of public policies: FIFED.
Hanene made many consultancies in youth and women participation in local public life, decentralization and local governance with GIZ, IFES. She trained in MBE  public procurement and facilitated many public meetings in municipalities.
Furthermore. Hanene is a co-founder and advisor in several NGOs including ATDEF (president), GGTAA (general secretary), ATGL (board member). She is also a trainer in human rights and peace.

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